Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs

If you have lost your hair, perhaps people you know and love have suggested that you wear a wig. The idea of having hair on your head again — even if it's not attached — may sound appealing. But then you think back to those negative things you've heard about wigs, and you question whether this really is the right choice. Here's the thing: most of those negative things you've heard about wigs are either not true or have been exaggerated. Take a look.

Misconception: Wigs are itchy and uncomfortable.

If you are basing your experience on trying on an old wig for Halloween when you were 15, then yes, that wig probably was itchy and uncomfortable. But those made by reputable wig companies for daily wear are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They're made with soft, silky material that feels smooth against your skin. Some wigs have a full cap, meaning that the underlying material covers the whole head, whereas others only have strips of material, so most of your head is left exposed under the false hair. You can try on both options when you go to have a wig fitted and then buy the option that feels most comfortable to you.

Misconception: Everyone will notice you're wearing a wig.

If they really focused in on your scalp for a few minutes while standing right next to you, then yes, they would most likely be able to tell. But in reality, nobody is going to do that. Almost nobody that you see out in public is going to spend long enough looking directly at your hairline to notice or care that you're wearing a wig. Even if they were to do so, why should you care? People wear wigs for all sorts of reasons — for health, cosmetic reasons, and entertainment.

Misconception: Wigs are hard to take care of.

You do have to wash, dry, and style most wigs. However, this is not any harder than washing, drying, and styling your own hair. In most cases, you use the same products — a good shampoo and conditioner. You can buy what's called a wig stand, which will hold the wig while you care for it. The best part is that you only need to do this every couple of weeks, whereas you would wash your natural hair a lot more often than that! Maybe more people should wear wigs.

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Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs
21 October 2019
If you have lost your hair, perhaps people you know and love have suggested that you wear a wig. The idea of having hair on your head again — even if